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Safe and Secure Campus

Defining Features

clocking in
    • Secure Electronic Keypad Entry: More important than even the education we offer, is a secure facility where you can have the peace of mind in knowing your child is safe when in our care. We have an electronic keypad entry – if you don’t have a code to enter the school, you must ring a bell to be let inside.
    • Advanced Technology: Computerized Signing In and Out and Messaging – Every person on your child’s pick up list is given a personal code they use on one of our two computers in the front entry. We have received a variance from licensing to use this system instead of manually signing the full legal signature.
    • Gate Enclosure: All campuses are completely secured with fully locked gates around the entire perimeter of each school.
  • Small Family Environment: The small environment we have allows each staff member to know every child’s name and family members.
  • Life Cubby: Teachers use the app Life Cubby to communicate with parents. Life Cubby documents diaper changes, meals, naps, photos and important events.
  • Webcams: We offer a subscription available to parents so they can observe their children from home under our secure cameras. Webcams are outside, on the playground, in classrooms and above each crib for our infants.
  • Respiratory Monitors: Infants aged 6 weeks to 9 months wear a respiratory monitor at nap time to monitor breathing pattern and frequency. This provides extra precautions for our little ones while they sleep and is included in tuition.


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