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Hot Lunch

Lunch orders may be placed online at Families must first set-up a parent account using the initial school code (AMA653) which will assign you to the right school for service. Once the parent account is initiated, child profiles may be created and the ordering begins!
Order Deadlines
  • New Order — by 9 am the business day prior to service
  • Change/Cancel — by 9 am the business day prior to service for full credit
  • Same-day illness — by 8 am for half credit via email or voicemail
Pricing The cost per meal is $4.70 for a junior portion and $5.55 for a regular portion. Visa and MasterCard are accepted online.
Children eating healthy


You can purchase your school uniform through Uniform Monkey. The school code is UM400AMA. Uniforms are not required during Summer Camp, daycare weeks or free dress days. Uniforms must be purchased through Uniform Monkey. We have sample sizes available to try on and a kiosk available to place orders at each campus . Orders may be placed online at, or by phone. We have arranged free shipping to the school on a weekly basis. Skorts are in khaki, patterned and navy blue. Sweaters and jackets are in navy blue and polo shirts are in red and navy. Shoes: No open toe’d, strapless or high heeled shoes. Any colors that look nice with the uniforms are allowed and can be purchased from anywhere. Emergency Days – Parents are allowed 5 “emergency” free dress days during the September-June school year. This is in addition to the 2 week waiver for new students. If a child is brought to school out of uniform and their 5 days are all used, a uniform will be purchased, put on your child and charged to your tuition statement. All shirts are required to have the AmeriMont Academy logo embroidered on them from Uniform Monkey. No substitutions are allowed unless approved by the director. Please label all articles of clothing.


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