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Infant Care Program Offered At Our Yorba Linda Campus

Our infant program is staffed with loving and caring teachers who understand the foundation for long-term developmental success. This is achieved through developing, nurturing, and encouraging communication, and relationships. Our infant care program is not a day care, but a holistic educational experience offering state-of-the-art safety practices, as well as a secure and familiar environment for emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Each crib offers the highest level of safety with movement monitoring and infant respiratory systems. Our safe and engaging infant program offers every parent piece of mind.
Our Advantages:
  • Class Ratio – Our infant program limits capacity to only 8 babies and maintains a 4 to 1 teacher to infant ratio.
  • Movement Monitoring and Infant Respiratory Systems – Each infant crib is equipped with movement monitoring systems to ensure your baby’s safety during nap time.
  • Cleanliness – Toys are cleaned throughout the day with soap and water, crib sheets are cleaned daily, and we enforce a no shoe policy at all times for faculty and family entering the room.
  • Secure Video Monitoring – The infant room is equipped with secure cameras for added peace of mind while away from your infant.


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